Mark D. Repstad

Mr. Repstad is a 2003 graduate of the top ranked Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota. He started his professional career working as an analyst on state-of-the-art deepwater oilrigs in the Gulf of Mexico. In the spring of 2005 he followed his entrepreneurial passion and joined Realty Advisory Group, Inc., where he has since specialized in the acquisitions, sales, and leasing of primarily Industrial Real Estate. Focusing largely in Los Angeles County, Mr. Repstad has to date completed over 200 transactions worth $375,000,000+ in his six year career. Combining his technical background with time spent in real world high pressure environments has allowed Mr. Repstad to become very skilled at quickly identifying a client's need and meeting that need with a timely and cost effective solution. Mr. Repstad's clients include ESPN Productions, Inc., Toys 'R' Us, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Teleflex, Inc., Bergen Shippers, Allan Company, LBA Realty, KTR Capital Partners and others.

Mark and his wife reside in San Marino with their two children.  When not working he enjoys golf, basketball and the outdoors.

CA Agent ID #01492673
CA Company ID #01301202

Contact Information

Mark D. Repstad
545 South Figueroa Street, Suite 1209
Los Angeles, CA 90071
213.892.8881 Ext. 369
Cell: 213.453-1155
Fax: 213.627.6526

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