Business Lines

Business Lines


The diverse property types categorized as "industrial" include manufacturing plants, traditional warehouse / distribution buildings - "Boxes" (logistics firms - supply chains), truck-dock platforms, specialized research and development facilities, warehouse / showroom ("flex") space, industrial land, and high tech laboratories.


"Commercial Office" properties include high-rise properties, garden office buildings, business & office parks, multi-tenant buildings, mixed-use projects, and land zoned to accommodate these uses.


Clients call on Realty Advisory Group, Inc. to:

  • Locate New Facilities / Sites to Lease or Purchase
  • Negotiate Lease Renewal or Expansion
  • Analyze a Lease or a Lease / Purchase Option
  • Sell / Purchase / Invest in Real Estate Assets
  • Buyout / Renegotiate Lease Obligation
  • Relocation Analysis
  • Market Data
  • Broker Opinion of Value Letter
  • Create Real Estate Strategy
  • Property Critique


After meeting with key people in an organization, we assist with the creation of a definitive business plan that contains realistic goals and objectives. This process will require the following:

  • Inventory of Leased / Owned Space, Including Details of Occupancy Costs
  • Current Lease Obligations
  • Owned Property Assessments
  • Personnel & Space Requirements (increase / decrease)
  • Renew Lease, Relocate
  • Lease / Purchase / Sale / Sale-leaseback
  • Demographics of Target Markets
  • Financial Impact on Employees of Non-reimbursed Move / Commuting Costs
  • Tax Consequences
  • Transportation
  • Amenities & Services
  • Space Disposition
  • Trade / Enterprise Zones


Sophisticated market data software, financial analysis programs, and personal knowledge of the many micro marketplaces play a big role in our research and analysis process; not to mention our relationships via our association with business, professional and governmental organizations that are pertinent to the many marketplaces being analyzed. Some of these variables include:

  • Space Availability
  • Market Rents
  • Sale / Lease Comparables
  • Landlord Concessions
  • Transportation (mass, traffic patterns, commute times)
  • Labor Availability & Costs
  • Housing Availability & Costs
  • Government-sponsored Economic & Tax Benefits
  • Risk of Natural Disasters (flood, fire, earthquake)
  • Utilities (cost availability, reliability)
  • Current & Future Market Trends


Once a requirement is defined a strategy to achieve its goals and objectives is formulated, and presented to our client for input, clarity, approval and implementation. The targeted markets are then thoroughly researched and all viable (on & off market) options are presented on a matrix basis enabling our client to compare and contrast collectively all options. At that point, depending on the economic environment, offers are presented or Requests For Proposals (RFPs) are sent to the ownerships. The matrix presentation is then again repeated.


We pride ourselves on our thoroughness and preparedness, which is why our negotiating skills yield our clients more advantageous results while maintaining the highest standard of fairness, equitability and consideration of those with whom we are transacting.


“After meeting with key people in an organization, we assist with the creation of a definitive business plan that contains realistic goals and objectives.”

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