Realty Advisory Group, Inc.’s (“RAGI”) long-term client relationships are the product of our Mission Statement being adhered to combined with our real estate competency, skills, proficiency and attention to detail.  Our communication, experience and resourcefulness help us provide excellent services to our valued clients.


The diverse property types categorized as “industrial” include manufacturing plants, traditional warehouse / distribution buildings, truck terminals, specialized R&D facilities, warehouse / showroom (“flex”) space, industrial land, and high tech laboratories. We have been fortunate to represent Fortune 500 Companies and local businesses in all of these property types. RAGI was built on an industrial foundation and continues to be the emphasis of the group.

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With the always evolving office market, RAGI has the ability to adapt to changing market conditions as RAGI listens to and learns from our clients.  RAGI has represented clients that have purchased, leased, and sold office real estate as users and investors both public and private.

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RAGI has been fortunate to expand with our clients outside of our original Industrial foundation.  We have grown into representing our investors in purchasing shopping centers and retail pads as well as helping our clients, both tenants and owner/users, to purchase or lease their own storefronts.

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Through development partnerships, property ownership, and investment brokerage services, RAGI has the first-hand experience to help guide our clients in all types of real estate investments. Our broad capital markets experience and market awareness combined with our professional and personal services help maximize potential for our clients and their assets.  Our clients’ assets range from large corporate plant dispositions to small multi-family sales.

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